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Rotable Exchange Limited Warranty


Most overhauled exchanges come with a one-year warranty unless otherwise noted. Most serviceable exhanges come with a six-month warranty unless otherwise noted. Exchange prices are based upon the requirement that return units are in repairable condition, meaning:

  • recently removed from an airworthy aircraft
  • return part number is identical to the part number of the Duncan Aviation-provided unit
  • not previously disassembled or evaluated
  • no environmental or physical damage
    • fluid intrusion
    • severe stress such as fire or excessive heat
    • bearing failures
    • catastrophic failures

Any component whose manufacturer’s identification tag or serial number has been removed or obliterated or altered or cannot otherwise be identified does not qualify. Also, Duncan Aviation reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any unit that has been subject to damage beyond normal wear and tear or inept repair attempts.

Please verify the warranty on your part number with your Parts Sales Representative.

Standard Exchange

The Standard Exchange rate price covers standard repair/overhaul replacement parts and labor only.

Should the return core require parts or labor over and above a standard repair/overhaul, including any mandatory parts or repairs, an additional amount to cover such costs may be charged. These additional charges are billed at Duncan Aviation’s cost.

Flat Rate Exchange

Flat rate exchange prices cover the cost to repair the customer's returned core to a condition and modification status at least equal to the condition and modification standard as the serviceable component supplied. Should the supplied core's return to service become uneconomical to repair, you would be billed the core value of the unit.*


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