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Instrument Policies & Limited Warranty

Function Check Flat Rates

These flat rates include functional testing of the unit on the bench. They do not include any evaluation or troubleshooting. No warranty applies to function tests.

Evaluation Charges

There are times when our repair estimates require at least a partial repair of the unit, in these cases, we invest parts and labor in the unit to arrive at a meaningful “estimate”. Therefore, when a repair estimate is refused, that unit will bear evaluation charges. No warranty applies to evaluations.


The warranty period is 1 year on business aircraft use and 6 months or 1000 hours, which ever comes first, on airline use from the date the repair is complete. This warranty does not give full coverage on any failure during this time period, but covers the parts and labor used in the previous repair.

Time and Material Overhauls

The warranty period is 1 year for business aircraft use and six months or 1000 hours, which ever comes first, for airline use. The warranty covers the whole unit.

Flat Rate Overhauls

The warranty period is one year for business aircraft use and six months or 1000 hours, whichever comes first, for airline use. The warranty covers the whole unit.

Pre-owned Units Purchased Outright from Duncan Aviation

Warranty on pre-owned and surplus units purchased outright from Duncan Aviation will be determined at the time of purchase.

Exceptions and Exclusions

Duncan Aviation will either repair or replace, at its option, any unit, which fails during the warranty period. Cost of removal, installation, and freight will be at the customer’s expense.

The warranty is void if the unit shows signs of abuse, alteration, broken seals, improper installation, or improper packaging for shipment. Cores and overhaul units must be in economically rebuildable condition.

We maintain the right to refuse warranty coverage if the customer elects to have products shipped by ground.

Occasionally we receive a unit that has been dropped, cannibalized, overheated, submerged or has abnormal wear. If the unit is not in acceptable condition, the flat rate exchange and overhaul labor prices are not applicable. If this situation arises, the customer will be notified and a solution will be negotiated. Avionics equipment with multiple defects may not qualify for flat rate prices. In the event that the malfunction cannot be duplicated, an evaluation fee will be charged.

This warranty is the only express warranty made and there are no other express warranties except as made herein. Repair and replacement as provided herein are the exclusive remedies for a breach of this warranty. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are limited in duration to the express warranty given herein. There is no warranty covering consequential damages or incidental expenses, and Duncan Aviation shall not be liable for any such claim. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state.


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