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CESSNA IVSI C661006-0201EX

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Repair Capabilities

Option Rate Fees Expedited Turn Time Quantity
Overhaul Labor: $991.00
2 days(additional fee applies)
Repair Labor: $568.00
1 day(additional fee applies)
Function Test Labor: $232.00
Evaluation Labor: $348.00


  • Panel lighting has blue lights (if in a Citation). Otherwise panel lighting is red. Panel lighting utilizes 5 Vac.
  • The case of the indicator is airtight except for the static port
  • Dial is graduated in 100 ft per minute increments up to 1000 feet then 500 ft per minute increments from 1000 to 6000 ft
  • Pointer and Dial are painted matte white on a dull black background with the adjustment stem at the lower left corner


  • 1.75 lbs (maximum)
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