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COLLINS DPU-84 622-9682-004

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  • This unit provides sensor input processing and switching for the necessary deflection and video signals with power for the flight displays
  • Unit also provides back up drive for the cross-side electronic flight displys in the event of a failure of the cross-side DPU
  • Unit provides a high-temperature warning output that can drive an external installer supplied annunciator that will illuminate if the internal temperature of the DPU reaches +100 degrees Celcius (+212 degrees Farenheit) in still air
  • This DPU normally drives 2 electronic flight displays with different deflection and video signals


  • 55,000 ft (16,800 m)
  • Operation- -55° to +70° C (-67° to +158° F) Storage- -55° to +85° C (-67° to +185° F)
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