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ROCKWELL COLLINS TTR-920 622-8971-122

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  • Transmitter-Receiver does computing and interfacing with other components of the TCAS-94 system
  • The receiver has 4 individual directional segments for the directional antenna
  • The transmitter is a 6 stage solid state circuit that develops 1800 watts
  • The signal processor and CPU provide control and analysis for system operation
  • The input/output interface circuits has a CPU to control operation and communicate with the external TCAS equipment


  • 7.64 in (194 mm) H x 7.77 in (194.6 mm) W x 15.26 in (387.6 mm) L
  • TTR-920- 19.8 lbs (9.0 kg) TTR921- 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg)
  • 28 +/-20% Vdc 115 Vac
  • 2.8 Amps (nominal)
  • 1090 +/-3 MHz
  • 1030 +/-0.01 MHz
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