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HONEYWELL HSI 4032211-902

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Repair Capabilities

Option Rate Fees Expedited Turn Time Quantity
Overhaul Labor: $2,093.00
2 days(additional fee applies)
Repair Labor: $1,002.00
1 day(additional fee applies)
Function Test Labor: $238.00
Evaluation Labor: $299.00
Loaner Request Quote Recert:$238.00
Rent Request Quote $50.00 / day


  • Unit has bearing select pushbuttons, heading differential and a heading transmitter
  • Bezel is black in color


  • 9.50 in (241.3 mm) L x 4.99 in (126.8 mm) W x 4.99 in (126.8 mm) (maximums
  • 8.5 lbs (3.82 kg)
  • 28 +/-1 Vdc or 26 +/-1 Vac
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