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Repair Capabilities

Option Rate Fees Expedited Turn Time Quantity
Overhaul T & M
2 days(additional fee applies)
Repair Labor: $1,711.00
2 days(additional fee applies)
Function Test Labor: $419.00
Evaluation Labor: $538.00


  • Unit provides roll, pitch and yaw axis control by processing command and error signals to drive the aileron, elevator and rudder control surfaces.
  • This autopilot computer processes information about the aircraft actual attitude versus a desired attitude as a function of selected flight mode to produce pitch, roll and yaw control outputs.
  • It also includes autopilot controller selectable modes which will produce pitch and roll outputs for any flight director modes except go around.


  • 12.65 in (321.3 mm) L (without handle) x 2.79 in (70.9 mm) W x 7.62 in (193.5 mm) H (maximums)
  • 7.0 lbs (3.18 kg)
  • 28 +/-1 Vdc 115 +/-1 Vac
  • DC- 1.5 to 4 A AC- 1 A
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