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KING ADF CONTROL 071-1210-09

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Overhaul Labor: $919.002 days(additional fee applies)
Repair Labor: $654.002 days(additional fee applies)
Function Test Labor: $116.00
Evaluation Labor: $174.00


  • Contains a multiplexed gas dicharge display that presents both th eactive and standby frequencies.
  • Automatic dimming circuits adjust the display brightness according to changes in ambient light conditions
  • Switches power to the receiver, controls the audio output level, controls the ADF/BFO, ADF, ANT, and ANT/BFO modes
  • Maintains the active and standy frequencies, tuning the receiver with the active frequency.
  • Will retain the active and standby frequencies through a power off condition.


  • 5.775 in x 2.263 in x 2.420 in (L x W x H)
  • 0.68 lb
  • 190KHz to 1799KHz in 1KHz increments, optional 2182KHz marine frequency
  • 100m W max. into 500 ohms
  • 9.0V dc ± 0.2V dc, 5.0V dc ± 0.1V dc, 210.0V dc ± 2.0V dc, -26V dc ± 1.5V dc
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