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KING AUDIO PANEL 066-1055-70

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Repair Capabilities

Option Rate Fees Expedited Turn Time Quantity
Overhaul Labor: $536.002 days(additional fee applies)
Repair Labor: $456.002 days(additional fee applies)
Function Test Labor: $116.00
Evaluation Labor: $174.00


  • Compact, fully TSO'd solid state unit
  • Avaible with or without the AUTO selection feature
  • Can control as many as three transceivers and six receivers including the internal marker beacon receiver
  • Two unswitched inputs for use as altimeter warning and telephone ringer
  • Has outputs for ramp hailer and passenger address or intercom as desired
  • Marker beacon lights are automatically dimmed to compensate for the ambient cockpit lighting conditions
  • Will operate from either 14 or 28 VDC aircraft power systems with no wiring changes required


  • 1.7 lb
  • -20° to +55° C
  • 14 or 28 Vdc
  • 1.9 A (maximum)
  • 6.81 in (17.30 cm) L x 1.3 in (3.30 cm) H x 6.25 in (15.88 cm) W
  • 6.49 x 1.3 x 6.31 in (LxWxH)
  • 13.75 Vdc to 27.5 Vdc
  • 1.8 A max
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