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SG-465 Symbol Generator 066-04021-1116

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  • Weight can go up depending on which rack is used
  • Unit has EADI/EHSI
  • Unit has weather radar
  • Unit also has HIRF/LIGHTNING


  • 3.821 in (9.705 cm) W x 18.29 in (46.457 cm) long rack nominal L x 9.96 in (25.309 cm) with high altitude fan spacers nominal H
  • 13 lbs (5.9 kg) nominal
  • 55,000 ft (maximum)
  • +27.5 +/-0.5 Vdc or 26 Vac
  • DC- 3.2 A (maximum) AC- 10 mA (maximum)
  • -55° to +70° C
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